About Us

We are your local family owned batting cage in Port Coquitlam.

Open to baseball and softball players of any and all skill levels, we offer exceptional facilities and machines, including the exclusive training aid HITTRAX. This is all to ensure we provide the best possible batting expirience for you.

Batting Cages

The original batting experience where you can really swing for the fences without fear of hitting anything beyond

Each cage is $50 per hour


Available at batting cage one, HITTRAX is the first and only baseball data capture and simulation system that provides the powerful combination of performance data and entertainment value.

An additional $25 per hour

Private Coaching and Training

Our exceptional private coaching and training doesn’t just ensure our cages are accessible for beginners, but allows for players of all skill levels to get the most value for their time, improving their batting skills.

Coaching is available for $35 per hour

*Taxes not included in pricing